Just Energy Entertainment wants to make sure of everyone's safety at our events. We use commercial grade Industrial Fog disinfectant equipment & a Glissen Chemical Nu-Foamicde Virucide all purpose detergent that is EPA Registered to be used to clean schools, offices, hospitals and other public spaces. Just Energy Entertainment cleans before and after our events of all our equipment, games, furniture, and airspace, that we call the  "clean ENERGY zone".      ( additional fogging/cleaning during events is also available).   Just Energy Entertainment will set up hand cleaning stations and also have temperature checks via non touch forehead thermometers available for event guests (babies, kids & adults). The Just Energy Entertainment team will wear a mask/face cover and/or face shield during events when on  stage/staging area and/or not social distancing upon current guidelines, the requests, and safety measures of our guest and our employees. Just Energy Entertainment will not preform and/or will not go against any current state law and/or restrictions in regards to gathering size both corporate and residential.  Please insure that your guest list meet those requirements  for Just Energy Entertainment be be able to bring the ENERGY to your next celebration, safely.

It is important that your gathering follows the local and state government laws in regards to number of attendance in a gathering.  Before your event you should create a guest list that allows you to check off attendees that are clear of any symptoms of COVID-19.  If anyone is feeling ill they are strongly advised NOT to attend your event/gathering.   Just Energy Entertainment does request a copy of this list before your event.



Just Energy Entertainment does require every attendee of the event must have  a tempurature check upon arrival.  Just Energy Entertainment does offer proper hands free forehead temperature gauge for adults and kids of all ages. 

Just Energy Entertainment  wear JEE branded face masks and/or face shields.  Guests should wear a face covering or mask.


Sanitation stations 

Just Energy Entertainment will provide sanitations stations that are open to guests use  Sanitation Stations may include hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes.

Just Energy Entertainment Disinfects Before during and after our set.This includes indoor/out door spacing, all of our equipment and our vehicles.