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A little history 

About Us

We are big about family! Even when we did not have it all, we have all ways had each other and the ENERGY that we provided each other was and still remains an important value in our family.  As kids, my siblings and I would put on shows and perform for the family, playing games, dancing to great music and I remember it was always the best ENERGY.


She oversees the accounting and stage management of Just Energy Entertainment.  My mother has an accomplished background in  hotel management with over 15 years regulating the financial obligations, sales & banquet management, and balancing of elite hotel properties throughout Arizona. She has received the Diamond Resort award for her success & accomplishments in the hospitality industry.  She is best known for getting it done and of course maintaining a positive ENERGY with clients.  In addition to co-owner of Just Energy Entertainment, mom is also is an executive assistant in a Christian law firm.  She is a dedicated church goer, where she is a group leader and also volunteers her extra time at her church’s bookstore and other community events held by the church.  My mom would have it easy if it was just me, but she also manages to be a great wife, a great mother to all 6 kids, a great nana to her 9 grandkids, and an amazing daughter to her 80 year old mother.  To have a great business partner would be an understatement and having an amazing mom is just the peak of the iceberg! She is such awesome positive influencer and great ENERGY for the community!   She has Instilled so many important values in my life leading to the person I am today.


 I Have been blessed to have worked in the entertainment industry now for over 20 years and have had the most incredible  experiences working with the best entertainers and entertainment brands in the world. Harlem Globetrotters, Disney, and NBA are just some of my fun high lights in my career as an entertainer. To be considered a “ World Class Entertainer” is a humbling nod to my work history, ethics, my mentors, and an appreciation of the impact of positive ENERGY in entertainment.  Family is so important to us, I think this is also why my mother is my business partner!  Although my whole life had not always been fun and big ENERGY, I’m human and have battled my own challenges of metal health. Family also shows me that keeping out of the dark, my ENERGY would shine and it is so important that I shared it, so I do.  To every job, every person, everything I could put my ENGERY towards, I try to.  It's been a blessing to be able to say I've performed in every state in the US and in  27 other countries all over the world!  With these family values and work experience I have been able to create a company that will continue to create new jobs for young amazing entertainers and through this company we will be able to continue to provide positive ENERGY for all communities! 

JUST creating memories & smiles with positive ENERGY and family fun ENTERTAINMENT!!

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Just ENERGY Entertainment Logo_clipped_r


is a full service family friendly children's entertainment production company that specializes in providing a variety of ENERGY (family fun entertainment) for corporate & residential events! We provide great family friendly music, dancers, emcee, games & prizes!!  

Just Energy Entertainment spotlights kid's events & children's parties specifically for ages 1 to12.  We produce a show that will bring the ENERGY to any special occasion! Our show includes music from our live DJ, great family fun games hosted by our Emcee, live performances and dance alongs lead by our professional dancers!


 Just Energy Entertainment is a unique services that elevates kid entertainment by personalizing each celebration and giving kid events the same attention as adult events!  Clients love that we are professional and private.  Our party packages can include Giant Bubble Soccer, 20ft Movie screens, Foam Dance Parties, Giant Hamster Wheel racing & More! We do all the work to make every event stress free, distinguished, memorable & full of ENERGY!​


The JEESQUAD is our amazing street team of professional family friendly, kid entertainers! They bring the ENERGY to the celebration as our DJs, Emcees, Hosts, Dancers, Live Performers & Stage Managers!​  All of our team members under full background check.


This is our talented youth team of dancers that perform  at our corporate shows


"Just Energy Entertainment is ARIZONA'S BEST full service

 kids party production company!"

  Just Energy Entertainment will always cater to special events that bring awareness to children's mental health, kids cancer, autism, movement disabilities and any other impairments that affect children.  Just Energy Entertainment welcomes kid's celebrations of all backgrounds, religion, orientation, abilities and disabilities.  We have a special mission to also bring the ENERGY to to events for senior citizens, Veterans & adults with disabilities.  Positive ENERGY is for EVERYONE!    





THIS is how WE do it!



Every Celebration is unique. We take the time to consult with you to plan your show with

 your theme, special occasion needs and requirements to insure that your show package fits your event!



Checking out the venue is an important step in our processs.  This give a visual of how we will set up our show and insures that we will have all the proper equipment for your amazing celebration!



We will generate a contract to begin working on producing a great show for your special occasion.  As we start production we will be in constant communication with you so that you know how the show will run.  



We will show up on site at the arranged time and date to set up the show.  

We take it from there!!  We welcome in the guests, staring the show & BRINGING THE ENERGY!!